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Public Training Programs
Our Public Training Programs have been approved by the Foundation Of TATWEER Training Center concerned with the development of workers in the labor market or requested by recipients based on the results of a study of training needs, through which the diagnosis of training needs and implemented in a manner consistent with privacy and nature of the work of the recipient.
The Importance of Training & Development:

  • Optimum Utilization of Human Resources – Training and Development helps in optimizing the utilization of human resource that further helps the employee to achieve the organizational goals as well as their individual goals.
  • Development of Human Resources – Training and Development helps to provide an opportunity and broad structure for the development of human resources’ technical and behavioral skills in an organization. It also helps the employees in attaining personal growth.
  • Development of skills of employees – Training and Development helps in increasing the job knowledge and skills of employees at each level. It helps to expand the horizons of human intellect and an overall personality of the employees.
  • Productivity – Training and Development helps in increasing the productivity of the employees that helps the organization further to achieve its long-term goal.
  • Team spirit – Training and Development helps in inculcating the sense of team work, team spirit, and inter-team collaborations. It helps in inculcating the zeal to learn within the employees.
  • Organization Culture – Training and Development helps to develop and improve the organizational health culture and effectiveness. It helps in creating the learning culture within the organization.
  • Organization Climate – Training and Development helps building the positive perception and feeling about the organization. The employees get these feelings from leaders, subordinates, and peers.
  • Quality – Training and Development helps in improving upon the quality of work and work-life.
  • Healthy work environment – Training and Development helps in creating the healthy working environment. It helps to build good employee, relationship so that individual goals aligns with organizational goal.
  • Health and Safety – Training and Development helps in improving the health and safety of the organization thus preventing obsolescence.
  • Morale – Training and Development helps in improving the morale of the work force.
  • Image – Training and Development helps in creating a better corporate image.
  • Profitability – Training and Development leads to improved profitability and more positive attitudes towards profit orientation.

 Quality assurance in training programs:

  • Implemented training within small groups (8 participants), which provides sufficient time to the specific needs of each participant.
  • All trainers who Choice From group of experts and advisers you've in the world.
  • Training that we have a very practical and effective. Practical situations from real life and exercises and discussions of effective tools for giving Co-operation can be applied immediately and effectively.
  • All programs that fall within the allocated one collect and are eligible for a certificate of professional specialist.
  • All material updated scientific and known worldwide through our website.
  • Solutions now offer training media; and printed materials, CD-ROMs and the Internet.
  • Special attention to customer service
  • guarantee that you contact your query from the first to graduates of the training course, being a professional and cordial manner


  • Training Meeting Room :

Held training sessions in the halls of the hotel from a five-star in the State of the complexity of the session and all training rooms with lounge areas, in addition to, making it the best choice for companies and private institutions and governmental organizations.

  • Communication Facilities

Each Meeting Room equipped with the latest tools and audio-visual addition to the data models.
Foundation provides development training and consulting number nearly 1500 and the program of training and workshops over in 2008 are divided into a number of administrative disciplinary programs.

    • Management Programs
    • Financial and banking programs.
    • Human resources and training and development.
    • Legal programs.
    • Engineering and technical programs.
    • Security programs.
    • Occupational health and safety Programs.
    • Oil and gas Programs
    • Environmental programs.
    • Public relations programs and media.

According to plan training equipped and divided months at the level of public divided on the capitals of the world.

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