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TATWEER is a highly successful training company specializing in corporate training markets.
We run approximately 1500 high quality public seminars per year in areas such as; management and leadership, oil and gas, finance and accounting, HR, IT, project management, contract management plus many more.

TATWEER has been trading for over 8 years and in that time have built successful, strategic relationships with our customers. Over 94% of our business is from repeat customers. We like to believe this is due to our superior service, our fantastic consultants and the general experience delegates receive from our training for their career enhancement.

TATWEER are a service provider and as such, our service is the cornerstone of the business. If the service fails, so does the company – that’s the importance we place upon it.
Our customer service strategy is evaluated constantly throughout the year to measure our performance along with the associated performances of venues and instructors. This is one of the reasons TATWEER has grown exponentially in the last 8 years, our quality service is our quality product and as such, the company is excelling in the market place.

TATWEER is a well known brand within our core market place. Through our market research, our logo has achieved over 87% recognition within our markets. Our values are based on a commitment to high quality training, maintaining positive business strategies and strong financial performance.

TATWEER understands the importance of a strong, well-respected brand within the competitive training arena.


Mission:- We listen. We innovate. We respond. We are living in an era of constant and meaningful innovation which is critical to our commercial success. The training business environment is fiercely competitive. To be successful, it is imperative that we innovate within the training field to differentiate the TATWEER brand and remain at the forefront of training.

Vision: by paying close attention to the world around us, we develop an understanding with our customers, appreciating and meeting the needs of those we serve; clients, international consultants, This is central to our commercial success.

Integrity is woven deeply into the fabric of our company. Integrity includes a willingness to do the right thing for our employees, the brand, the company and society as a whole, even when personal, professional and social risks or economic pressures confront us. This principle of responsible commercial success is embedded in the company's experience. It is one of the reasons our customers and consultants trust TATWEER.

The future holds great opportunities for growing our business, both from our existing portfolio of seminars and from new business developments.

TATWEER knows, that to survive, it needs to be dynamic, to be constantly moving ahead, adapting to meet new trading conditions and to be growing. For TATWEER and its stakeholders, it is imperative to maintain the momentum - to be constantly alive to new opportunities - so that it can continue to full its mission of providing the quality of training attributed to the brand.

TATWEER has a number of new areas of training in the pipeline. This keeps TATWEER at the contemporary edge of new training methodologies. We are constantly reviewing the market place for new trends in training as well as extensive discussions with our clients to enable us to predict and forecast areas of training for growth.
 In 2006 and through 2007, TATWEER plan to pursue growth through new training products, new customers and new geographical markets. The home market is one area targeted for growth.

TATWEER will be strengthening its Middle East and GCC  market place position by expanding our operations, thereby providing an outstanding array of corporate training in Cairo for the national and international market. This will build upon the growing trend of Middle East companies to look away from Egypt for training and other outsourced services.
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