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In-house training is when an instructor comes to your site to teach a class for your staff or group,
or when a class is held exclusively for your staff or group at some off-site location. Employers may choose in-house training for a group of employees.
Organizations with a variety of sites spread geographically may choose in-house training which brings together people from each of their sites. Membership groups may offer in-house training exclusively
for their members. Whoever is in the group, in-house training offers you the opportunity to sponsor staff development on a topic of your choice which is customized to your needs.
When can this type of training be done?
In-house training is scheduled at your convenience. It can be run during the day, in the evenings,
or on the weekends. It can be designed as a single session or as multiple sessions.
What topics do we offer?
  • Business Management.
  • Sales & Marketing.
  • Leadership Skills.
  • Budgeting & Finance.
  • Human Resources.
  • Project Management.
  • Purchasing & Supply.
  • Contracts & Tenders.
Is all in-house training custom-designed?
The great benefit of in-house training is that it is always tailored for your needs, whether you choose from a list of our existing programs or wish to create a new customized program. Many of our regular public programs can be taught as in-house training for your organization. When you choose one
of these topics you will be able to focus the emphasis of the program on your specific situation.
For example, we recently ran our 3-Days Leadership Training for Managers Program for eight managers in one library. In this class we spent much more time on performance appraisals than
we did in our public programs because that was what the organization needed. If we don't have
an existing program on the topic you have in mind, we will select an appropriate instructor and work
with you and that instructor to create the program to meet your development needs.
How does in-house technology training work?
Generally we send one of our professional instructors to your site (your organization) to teach
the class if you have a meeting room that can be used. For organizations without meeting space,
or for classes with specialized space needs, we may run the class for you at a site near your workplace, or on our campus.
For technology skill development, in-house training allows your staff to learn on your own equipment that has its own unique configuration. If you have a lab or a number of machines together in one area, we can do a group training session. If your machines are scattered throughout your facility,
you might be interested in having a tutor travel around during the day and meet with staff members
in groups of two or three. Or, if you prefer, we can set-up a private session for your staff at one
of our computer labs.
How much does it cost?
Because each circumstance (program) is different, we can't give you a standard set of prices
for in-house training sessions. But we can tell you that if you want to train eight people or more,
in-house training will probably be less expensive than registering your staff members for a public seminar.
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